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Three Reasons the New 320-1 MultiPRO® Interface and Cable Bundle Provides Value

Have you ever purchased a product, and when it arrived you realized something was missing? It has happened to everyone—in your business and personal life. It’s an inconvenience and frustration you and your customers experience. APG wants to enhance your customer’s experience by introducing the new 320-1 MultiPRO® interface. What is it? It’s the standard 24V-interface with the CD-101A cable included (visit our Connectivity Guide to learn more).

The 320-1 (24V) interface has become a part of APG’s global standard offering available in our Series 4000, Series 100, and Vasario™ product families. This will help ease distribution and product processing by reducing shipping costs and tech-support calls, while providing convenience and peace of mind to your customers. How will this bring value to your POS industry partners?

1) Time-Saving MeasureQuick and Easy

Order a single part number versus two. Combining the cash drawer with the CD-101A cable is not only convenient, but also eases the distribution and product processing steps. You can be confident that it will work with Epson, Star, Bematech, Bixolan, Citizen, and various popular receipt printers. Install it and forget it! Customers will still have the option of ordering cash drawers and cables separately.

2) Save on Shipping

Eliminate the cost of shipping two packages at twice the freight. Not only save on shipping and handling fees but also on taxes, by cutting the number of packages in half. The cost savings and ease of doing business will enhance the relationship between parties.

3) Reduce Tech-Support Calls

Knowing which cable works with our various interfaces can present potential challenges, in spite of our updated and ever-present Connectivity Guide. While our “live” tech-support team does a great job of answering your questions, you can eliminate confusion and time by ordering the interface and cable in a combined SKU.

In the retail/hospitality environments, the check stand or point-of-sale are integral to the very essence of being a business. Resellers who offer their customers the latest APG bundled solutions will reaffirm their roles as trusted advisors. With these cost- and time-saving measures, resellers can redeploy the time saved to deliver exceptional service to their customers while investing in relationships.

For more information, call your ScanSource sales rep today at 800.944.2432. email us at, or call 763.571.5000.