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Safeguard your people and assets with proactive video security in the cloud

Ava Security, with offices in the UK, Norway, and the US, provides customers with a modern, open, cloud-native video security platform. The company was founded to create better, smarter ways to proactively protect people and property with modern edge analytics managed from the cloud. Ava's open platform allows interoperability with existing third-party cameras, physical access solutions, environmental sensors, and cloud back-up providers—giving organizations choice and flexibility while helping them avoid "rip and replace" deployments. By combining Ava Security products with ScanSource’s wide array of industry-leading resources, you can take protection to the next level. To learn more about Ava’s smart, cloud-native solutions and how you and your customers can enjoy proactive security, visit the company's website today.

Industries we serve: commercial, education, federal, healthcare, hospitality, and retail

Rethink security with the Ava Aware data platform

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