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Keep Your Customers Secure with ScanSource and Cisco

In the past, bank robbers dominated the headlines. Today we face a different breed of criminal—one who is after your data. Why?  Because data is everywhere, and data is where the money is. Unfortunately, the methods many companies use to combat this threat aren’t successful in protecting their data. They use multiple vendors to guard their networks, leading to needless complexity and gaps in threat defense.

82% of companies state they want an integrated security profile, yet only one company offers one. Cisco delivers, with products that work together for heightened safety and security—so your customers can stay safer, respond to breaches faster, and worry about their bottom lines, not their data.

How Cisco Security Solutions Benefit Business

Respond to threats in hours
38% ROI advantage with automation
No impact on customer productivity
Visibility across the network

Cisco’s Security Portfolio

Cisco Umbrella—the first line of defense against internet threats. Delivered from the cloud, it’s the easiest way to protect your users.
AMP quickly and automatically detects and stops breaches by looking for signs that can warn you of the presence of malware.
NGFW not only provides a next-generation intrusion prevention system but also gives you the ability to track and contain malware infections that do get through.