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Next-Generation Software Server

Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS is a powerful, next-generation, software media server that enables standards-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for mobile and broadband environments. PowerMedia XMS supports standard media control interfaces such as MSML, VxML, NetAnn, and JSR 309, plus a Dialogic HTTP-based version of a RESTful API.

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS 3.5 Offers EVS Superwideband Codec - Extends media processing leadership with addition of 3GPP EVD Codec, encrypted recording, and numerous video-conferencing features

Dialogic, has announced the general availability of Dialogic® PowerMedia® XMS Release 3.5, an enhancement of the company’s media server, adding a number of improved media capabilities that enable voice and video applications in service provider and enterprise deployments.

A significant enhancement with the 3.5 release is the addition of the Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) audio codec. As defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), EVS is a superwideband speech audio-coding standard, capable of delivering significantly greater fidelity as compared to standard telecom codecs, improving comprehension, and reducing listener fatigue. The codec offers up to 20 kHz audio bandwidth and has high robustness to delay jitter and packet losses, due to its channel-aware coding and improved packet-loss concealment. The EVS codec is described in 3GPP TS 26.441, and Dialogic is a licensee of the EVS Patent Portfolio administered by MPEGLA.  

“With the introduction of the 3GPP EVS codec, wireless operators will be able to significantly improve the user calling experience, an important differentiator for IMS and LTE wireless networks,” said Jim Machi, Senior VP, Product Management and Marketing at Dialogic. “PowerMedia XMS with EVS will facilitate very high-quality telephony and teleconferencing, audiovisual conferencing services, and streaming audio.”

“With improved voice quality and potential for entertainment applications, we expect the adoption of HD-quality codecs to accelerate as part of the ongoing evolution of wireless networks”, said Paul Lambert, senior analyst, Ovum. “Service providers that deploy the latest voice technologies will enhance the customer experience and lay a solid foundation for new capabilities.”