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Extend the Capabilities of Voice-only IVRs with Visual IVR

  • Visual Navigation- faster than listening to audio prompts
  • Increased Accuracy- caller can read & re-read options before selecting
  • Information-Rich Input- complex alpha-numeric data can be collected

Dialogic® PowerVille™ VIVR – Visual IVR extends the capabilities of IVR by transforming it into a collaborative, web-based voice and visuals mobile application for smartphones. By being able to share visual content during a standard voice call, PowerVille Visual IVR offers a mobile experience that conveniently and effortlessly engages the caller, improving first call self-service resolution rates. Add to the visual content the ability to collect alpha-numeric data through information-rich input to exponentially minimize the need for callers to transfer to agents - further reducing inbound calls and zero-outs, as the enhanced user experience leads to lower interaction abandonment and better average handle times.


  • Information-Rich Input - Enable easy entry of complex alpha-numeric data
  • Secure Communication Channel - Eliminate theft during data exchange to and from the IVR
  • Seamless Upgrade - Preserve existing investment and increase return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Web-Based Visual Content - Increase first-call self-service resolution rates
  • Omni-Channel Experience - Start a chat or text session, send an email, request a callback, or transfer to an agent
  • Menu-Driven Interface - Enable more accurate selections and decrease average call duration

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