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As part of our Beyond Expectations Program, ScanSource and Mitel are bringing you even more opportunities to boost your business, win amazing prizes, and experience unforgettable trips. All you need to do is migrate your legacy system end users to MiVoice Connect or MiCloud Connect, and you could win awesome prizes including an all-inclusive racing experience! Find out more about how you can get on the Highway to Connect, brought to you by Beyond Expectations and fueled by FastLane below!




Nothing worse than sitting in traffic with no place to go. With 14.2 and below systems going END OF LIFE in September 2020, now is the time to reroute your customers to the highway to connect before their system no longer functions. Pick your migration path below!

MiVoice Connect

MiVoice Connect may be the best route if your customer:

  • Wants to control and own their phone system and UC
  • Dislikes recurring financial costs
  • Is looking for telephony versus full UC
Exit 1:
MiVoice Connect Simple Migration

These customers are looking for good gas mileage, safer roads, and a free car wash every now and then. Most 14.2 installed base customers – approximately 80% - fall into this category, with migrations completed within a weekend maintenance window. Characteristics include:

  • Less than 500 users at 3 or fewer sites
  • No DVS, SG-50V, or 90V
  • No incremental advanced solutions
Exit 2:
MiVoice Connect Complex Migration

These customers seek open highways, no speed limits, and are excited to pursue multiple routes. These more complex migrations, or ~20% of your installed base, will require more complex cutovers, support from Mitel, and typically have:

  • More than 500 users at 3 or more sites
  • DVS, SG-50V, or 90V
  • Advanced features (CC, Mobility, Active Directory)

MiCloud Connect

MiCloud Connect may be the best direction if your customer:

  • Has limited and/or busy IT resources
  • Requires flexibility to quickly scale and/or add applications
  • Needs to control costs as their UC solution expands to support growth
Exit 3:
MiCloud Connect Migration

These customers are looking to implement a complete UCaaS solution that is easy to use, manage, and typically have the following characteristics:

  • Prefer a predictable operating expense
  • Want to pay for service and apps as needed
  • Have disparate systems and/or cloud applications
  • No longer wish to manage and maintain infrastructure
  • Want the ability to support remote workers seamlessly
  • Believe a data center is more secure than their closet

Roadside Assistance