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Create. Integrate. Customize. Manage.

OMNI+ provides time-saving, guided selling assistance that will help you find the most cost-effective UC solutions for your customers, in a matter of minutes. This web-enabled framework for UC solution design creates value by extending the reach of our product expertise through promotion modules, multi-site designs, ability to create heritage ShoreTel SBM and enterprise designs, and the opportunity to skip discovery so you can jump right into building your own design.

We are proud to introduce new enhancements to OMNI+, our next-generation platform for UC solution design:

  • Stop managing concession approval requests through email! You can save yourself time and do it all at once. Users now can submit concession requests to Mitel for heritage ShoreTel products from OMNI+. Plus, users can now track the status of the request, including which level of approval status the quote is in.
  • Have you already registered your opportunity with Mitel for heritage ShoreTel products? Convert it quickly to a quote, with the new OMNI+ SalesForce Integration. You now can import the details about your opportunity right into OMNI+, eliminating the need to re-enter the information when it’s time to quote your customer.

OMNI+ provides you with:

  1. Guided selling assistance by asking questions about your technology needs
  2. Recommendations for the most cost-effective solutions and complementary products
  3. An alternate product recommendation feature for individual products within a solution
  4. Ability to add custom parts
  5. & More!

In short, OMNI+ allows you to design complete solutions with detailed budgetary quotes and promotion accuracy in a matter of minutes. Discover how simple configuring, quoting, and closing new deals can be!