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Whatever your public-sector mission, Zebra and ScanSource’s government solutions and services enable timely data capture at the edge of activity, for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making.

Zebra’s marking, tracking, mobile scanning/printing technologies, and support services enable unprecedented connectivity and accurate, real-time data capture for a clear picture of the total environment—from physical assets to personnel. Your agency can modernize its IT capabilities, simplify collaboration, and innovatively apply legacy technology for faster and more secure delivery of services.



Zebra Rugged Tablets

Zebra’s rugged tablets are tough, workflow-specific, connected, agile, and smart. Tailored for industry workflows, they do everything an enterprise-grade mobility device needs to do, while withstanding the physical stresses of the most extreme environments.

Open More Doors, Close More Deals

With a strong focus on federal, SLED, and healthcare opportunities, ScanSource Federal partners gain access to a variety of resources in the industry—including a leads program that distributes hundreds of end-user leads every month.